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WrightNow Solutions has a niche in accessing and equipping talent for corporations and entrepreneurship. We are experts in talent development based on our track record of elevating people and companies to their next level success by upskilling talent with technology and digital training (hard skills), and the soft skills (the harder skills) ensuring people show up well prepared to interact and display leadership qualities in any environment.

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You can count on WrightNow Solutions to help you reach your goals whether it is evaluating a project that is in trouble or creating a new “destination”. We work with teams to create custom solutions to address a focused set of challenges. Our Strategist and Program Managers are skilled professionals that can provide value from turning blue sky ideas into a thorough plan followed by driving the program to successful completion and establishing a repeatable process and sustainable results.

At WrightNow Solutions, we form lasting relationships that bring mutual value to our clients, our employees, the company, and the community. Building the right team to entrust your programs with is crucial to your success. Our team members have the proven ability and expertise to manage the most complex and unprecedented projects.



The Atlanta BridgeCommunity, founded by Coca-Cola, is a technology ecosystem that connects technology startups to corporations providing increased competitiveness in the market. They wanted to create a program that would contribute to social responsibility and seed the next generation of entrepreneurs.


WrightNow Solutions was provided some thoughts and desired goals for a program that would get high school and young adults exposed to, and excited about, the possibilities of creating their own tech startup while providing the Atlanta BridgeCommunity with a pipeline of new talent. With this, WrightNow Solutions formed partnerships with Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, PowerMyLearning, YearUp, CapTech, and others to establish the Future Entrepreneurship Program.


Atlanta area Title I high school students completed a 6-week technology entrepreneurship camp and presented their business ideas to local community leaders, startups, and corporate leaders. Many of the students now have a STEM focus where this was not a consideration prior to the program. As a result of our program, an App Development course was also implemented into a high school’s curriculum. The 4-month young adult cohort created services and solutions and pitched their business ideas causing them to advance their career and entrepreneurship opportunities.

“It has been incredibly rewarding to see the students all grow and develop through our time together and I hope and believe we are seeing the next set of future Atlanta entrepreneurs in the making. I want to thank our corporate members, our startups, community partners, all our volunteers and of course our Outreach Lead, Valarie Mackey, all who collectively breathed life into this initiative, provided the resources and the passion to make this happen. This was truly a community effort that I am honored to be a part of.”
Anthony Newstead
Co-Founder Atlanta BridgeCommunity

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