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Professional Development for Workforce Growth

Succeeding in business often requires tapping into a set of professional, social, and cultural skills that go hand in hand with technical knowledge.
At WrightNow Solutions, we’re passionate about fostering professional development and empowerment for individuals at every stage of their career journeys. We tailor our comprehensive staff development programs to our clients, always with an eye on incorporating diversity and belonging among staff. We work with high school students exploring their futures, veterans and adults starting second careers, seasoned executives refining their leadership skills, and everyone in between.
If you’re looking to develop your team into true stakeholders for your organization, WrightNow can help. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Professional Staff Development Services

Corporate leaders expect their staff to act in certain ways in professional environments. Beyond possessing the skills to do their jobs, employees must practice a certain degree of etiquette in the office and virtually.

We know at WrightNowSolutions that some of the most technically qualified employees in a given organization may not be thinking or professional etiquette. As a result, otherwise qualified candidates could be passed over for promotion. We have development programs that build stronger talent pipelines thereby creating career mobility for the employee and succession planning for the organization. 

We believe background and circumstances should never prevent anyone from advancing in their careers. We work with community and non-profit organizations to build workforce development programs that include the technical skills they will need to obtain the job but more importantly, the professional skills they will need to keep and excel in the job. 

WrightNow Solutions offers professional development programs to colleges, universities, and companies that believe in enriching and amplifying their students’ and employees’ voices for professional advancement.

How Do Our Professional Development Classes Work?

We customize our services to your organization’s needs. When we meet with you, we listen to your concerns, ask about your pain points, and design a professional development program that addresses your specific challenges.
Some of our signature programs – including “The It Factor: Showing Up with Confidence, Presence, and Credibility,” “Navigating the Corporate Landscape,” and “Being the Only”– equip participants with the tools and insights they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced professional environments.
Led by industry veterans and thought leaders, our programs offer practical strategies and actionable advice to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

Professional development includes what some people refer to as soft skills, or power skills. See the infographic below to get a better sense of what we offer in our professional development course:

Contact WrightNow Solutions today. We can help you cultivate employees who are not only technically competent but ready to lead, as well.

Why Staff Development from WrightNow Solutions?

With a commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering inclusivity, our professional development courses and programs provide a supportive learning environment where every voice is valued.

WrightNow Solutions leverages various methods to develop teams. We:

  • Facilitate team retreats that bring the team together while exploring team dynamics, trust, and collaboration methods. We end the session with Team Agreements, designed to lead to a highly engaged, results-oriented, and collaborative team.
  • Teach sessions to enhance the team’s leadership skills, sharpen their communication styles, and define their personal brands. We customize it all to your team.
  • Provide 1:1 career-coaching sessions for all levels, because coaching should not begin with executive coaching.
  • Devise onboarding programs and ongoing career mobility programs.


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