Talent Planning and Fulfillment


Things Are Changing!

In our 21st century economic and social spheres, there is a “war on talent” and a high degree of turnover among new and innovative talent. Organizations want the technology driven ideas of Millennials but Managers have day-to-day priorities with little or no bandwidth to mentor and develop new resources.

The comprehensive in-house leadership/developmental rotational programs are expensive to maintain.  Hiring and heavily investing in employees without being sure they will be a good fit is not conducive to reduced budgets. 

Traditional corporate job descriptions require a college degree but people are creating apps, technical advancements, patents, and producing amazing solutions in high school, technical colleges, and other non-traditional paths.

What Does This Mean?

Organizations are missing out on their entry level talent possibilities.  There are motivated, dedicated, trailblazing workforce resources available but the traditional way of doing things are causing organizations to overlook these gems.

Yes, We Can Help!

We focus on re-balancing how talent strategies are implemented to keep businesses on the cutting edge.

Maybe your organization needs a Cyber-Security Innovation Center or a Testing Center of Excellence or a variety of roles throughout your organization, we have you covered.  We foster the growth of the leaders of tomorrow while integrating them into your existing teams.

We start with a 30-day assessment of your organization to understand 1) your company and organization culture, 2) attributes of high performance employees, 3) the pitfalls of employees who underperform, 4) proper onboarding procedures, and 5) processes and protocols that should be followed.  This allows us to be successful in training, mentoring, and assigning the right team to your organization.

WrightNow Solutions handles the procurement, development, coaching, and training of teams throughout their entire 1+ year engagement

We pride ourselves in placing a mix of Experienced Hires, University graduates, Tech College graduates, Bootcamp graduates, Community-based program participants, and Veterans – the teams have diverse backgrounds, experience levels, and thought thus producing the best ideas.  Our extensive development programs ensure that everyone will meet and exceed expectations regardless of their background.

After a 1+ year assignment, the organization decides if the resource is a great fit and transitions them to a full time employee or we can end the assignment with no further obligations.